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17-Jun-2020 23:13

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I have always been very thankful that I could do these calculations in my head because it saved me money.

For example, how many times has a customer asked you for a "deal" on the price?

major’s gender ratio graph is 0.738 The R^2 between Quantitative SAT score and Verbal SAT score is 0.027 For those who want to know what R^2 means: Since I posted this article, the veracity of the IQ data set has been brought into question.

I think Statistic Brain is a fairly reliable data source, but I write this here so readers can come to their own opinion about what this data shows, and how much to trust it.

This tells us that the original plot is actually showing preference for quantitative majors: The higher the estimated IQ, the more quantitative/analytical the major, and the fewer women enrolling in those majors.

This brings up an interesting question of how valuable the SAT is as a standardized test across all majors, if a higher SAT score is really only indicating that the student is better at solving quantitative/analytical problems.

The longer a person is out of school, the easier it is to forget how to use percents and other basic business math formulas.

In fact, it's not so much the time away from school as it is the time away from using the math formulas.

Vendors will not provide you with the margins, just the pricing.

Computer programs, cash registers, and point-of-sale systems can easily complete the percentage calculations for us.