30s dating sa dns not updating from other dns

18-Sep-2019 12:33

This group is all about people in their 20s and 30s meeting new people, socializing, networking, being active and checking out what's in and around San Antonio. Whether you're new to San Antonio, or have lived here for a while, come out for happy hours, hikes, sports and recreation, etc. Well I started dating this new guy roughly 6 months ago.I'm not sure if it's him or if I've finally grown up but I haven't been interested in ANY of those behaviors.He's on a solo vacation right now and I have no worries whatever and am genuinely happy for him. Or does it really take just dating the "right" person? However, it was the healthiest interaction I had had for a long time.I'm not interested in any of the past manipulative behaviors I used to do (you know the ones: not responding to texts or giving pouty responses), I want him to feel secure, I want him to feel happy, I want him to know I feel excited for him and happy he is having a good time. A month ago I thought I might be posting as a success story but alas, things did not work out that way. I think I will be taking some time for myself now as before I met him I started getting burnt out by the dating scene.We all need sometimes that activity, person or place that brings us true joy.Otherwise life would just suck even more than it already does. I do it at least once a year if I'm not in a committed relationship and I've had a new partner. The past partners were pretty bad by anyone's standards but I wasn't little miss perfect either.

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It wasn't awful, there just wasn't a ton of chemistry.

We had a couple of things go wrong with our plans out of our control so we winged it and just walked around had coffee and chatted. I was a little distracted and tired and not fully into it myself either on the first date and our texting/chatting was pleasant. Ended with some nice fireworks (just good ol' making out in the car) and we clicked much better overall.

TL; DR got ghosted by my most exciting dating prospect and I let it go without drama and begging, and even without any desire to.

That's a It's a beautiful weekend at least where I live, and I sincerely hope everyone is taking advantage of it to recharge themselves before the drudgery of the week starts.

I trust him, I respect him as a person (sadly, something I can honestly say I've never done for anyone else), I honestly care about his happiness and I just think so highly of him.