A realistic dating service commercial

11-Mar-2020 14:00

He makes himself available to answer any questions and making the dating process easier for singles.His straight answers and tough love often give singles the push they need to find success in the dating world. “I’m available to talk at length to clients to learn what’s going on and help them through their frustrations with dating.” John knows that not everyone excels in a one-on-one, high-pressure date.As a dating coach, he takes a personal interest in honing the dating skills of his clients so they’re ready to meet that special someone.“Anybody in this business ought to be in it for the right reasons,” he said. I’ve been running Tri-State Dating Service all by myself for 25 years to help people understand how to succeed in life.” John also hosts a radio show called Networking Singles where he tackles everyday life issues, including positive relationship building, human accountability, dating culture, and communication strategies.

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“If you’re really good at life, you’re going to be attractive to people,” he said.When he fell in love on an arranged date, John experienced firsthand what a difference a professional dating expert could make in people’s lives. So, in 1992, he started his own matchmaking business, Tri-State Dating Service, to serve singles in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.