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View impressive artefacts and statues: storytellers of a turbulent history.

Located in the heart of a breathtaking World Heritage Site, this is Grand-Pré National Historic Site—once a thriving Acadian settlement and now one of the most significant memorials to the upheaval and the resilience of the Acadian people.

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AAA: Adult, Senior, Student Military Active Plus Dependants: Admission, Seniors & Retired Le Guide Routard: Admission The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Alumni Association (must present current member ID): Admission Louisiana Public Broadcasting: Off Admission National Preservation for Historic Trust: Off Admission Vermilionville is completely handicap-accessible.14 p H or ±1000 m V Temperature compensation: Automatic or manual 2 outputs 0/4-20m A (p H and T °C) 4 relays (Thresholds, alarm and/or regulation) OPTIONS: RS 422 /J-BUS LOGGER Extension terminal...