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They work in a similar way to progressive lenses in eyeglasses.The brain learns how to select the appropriate zone to look through to provide clear vision at near, intermediate or far ranges.

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However there may be some loss of depth perception as the eyes are no longer working together as before.

But many are willing to compromise their depth perception in order to be free of wearing glasses.

A combination of a multifocal lens in one eye and a monofocal in the other can provide for good vision at many distances — although distance vision is still slightly compromised in the multifocal eye.

Another option is monovision treatment, which involves the use of two monofocal lenses with different focusing distances; one eye is selected for near vision and the other for distance. While monofocal IOLs typically are fully covered by insurance or Medicare, multifocal IOLs are considered premium and involve an additional fee.With this technique, one lens is replaced with a monofocal IOL fixed for distance vision and the other eye is fixed with near vision.