Accommodating patient privacy and visiting family members critically elucidating the role of selenium

13-Apr-2020 19:57

For your convenience, a telephone is provided in each room as a complimentary amenity.The telephone will allow you to receive incoming telephone calls from outside the Medical Center and to dial anywhere within the state of New Jersey without charge.No time to catch dinner prior to visiting a loved one?

Whether you’re here for a routine or a highly specialized procedure, you will be treated with compassion and respect.

From administering a new treatment program to emphasizing care that centers on the needs and comprehensive well-being of patients and families, academic medical centers have the diverse resources necessary to learn from experience and deliver the care patients and families need most for their healing.

Additionally, this care is usually administered by top health care providers because the brightest stars in the medical field are often attracted to the unique environment found at academic medical centers.

Our staff members will do their best to assist your family in whatever physical or language barriers you may face in order to fully participate in the patient’s care.

Please discuss any special needs you or child may have with your nurse.The integrity of our Intensive Care Unit was generated from the needs and considerationsof the families of Beauregard Parish and its surrounding areas.

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