Accommodating people with disabilities in the workplace

08-May-2020 06:03

The employer must conduct an individualized assessment in each case to determine what can be done to accommodate the employee’s needs without causing the employer undue hardship.

Discrimination means treating a person or group differently because they have, or are presumed to have, one of the characteristics listed in .This may include situations involving a mental disability, such as addictions.In these cases, if an employer has reason to question, or ought reasonably to have recognized a need for accommodation, the employer may have a duty to make enquiries about whether or not the employee has a disability-related need that requires accommodation.Everyone involved should engage in the process, by sharing information, consulting with professionals as needed and work towards providing the employee with a solution that allows them to operate in the workplace on an equal level with others.

Although the employer and employee both have responsibilities in the accommodation process, the duty to accommodate is the employer’s.Discrimination may be based on stereotypes or assumptions and offends a person’s dignity because it ignores their individual merit.