Adam rodriguez is dating

22-Feb-2020 21:09

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He likes to fuck around and doesn't want a child, so he is a cum control freak."My pussyhound brother won't even fuck a women with condoms she provides.

He only uses condoms he has purchased and will not leave them at a girl's house; he also makes sure to flush his condoms immediately. I could have swore that I read he got married a few months ago. Then you can find out where he's hiding the bodies.

Not all successful men of color self-hatedly spurn their own kind (indeed most don't)I think I would give one my organs for one night with this guy. I heard he only dates black women too, but I think that's a cover.

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Don't know Rodriguez's true orientation, but I do know many 35-plus, successful, HOT men who have no children. Yeah, I hate all the men who go on and on about being "trapped" into marriage by a pregnancy with a woman they hardly know.He showed an enormous propensity for comedy on Ugly Betty that he'd been denied on CSI, where he wasn't even allowed to smile. I heard a rumor that he cheated on his girlfriend fucking R&B singer Melanie Fiona.