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The Department of Natural Resources works to ensure sustainable and responsible use of the state’s natural resources, including mineral resources throughout the state and protection of wetlands in the coastal zone.

The primary roles for DNR include the Office of Conservation’s regulation of oil/gas wells, injection wells, intrastate pipelines and disposal of exploration/production waste; the Office of Mineral Resources’ leasing of mineral rights for state-owned land; and the Office of Coastal Management’s permitting of construction in the state’s Coastal Zone that could affect vegetated wetlands.

The Louisiana Department of Revenue’s mission is to collect state tax revenue to fund public services; to regulate charitable gaming and the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco; and to support state agencies in the collection of debts.

Pew Research Center has compiled census data on the number of unmarried men and women ages 25 to 34 in many of the nation’s metropolitan areas. Finding a spouse with a steady job is a high priority for 78% of never-married women who may want to get married in the future(and 46% of men), though the pool of employed young men has shrunk.

The department also oversees state museums and the state library.