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Not only that, but your network knows no boundaries. Mr Mc Hugh made the comments in his first meeting with Department of Education officials.Reach Out published a report in 2014 which indicated that 70% of parents were likely to look for information and support on the internet if their child was suffering from mental health problems and a 2012 UCD study on youth mental health found that the internet is the most likely source (77%) of support for young people.

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There are also people who physically just cannot get to their nearest GROW group (perhaps through disability or mobility constraints).Skype was founded in 2003 and is basically a mechanism to use the internet for voice calls.To use Skype, a good internet connection is required along with a suitable device (laptop or smartphone).You wake in the morning and, if you've no meetings to go to and, like me, no kids to cope with, willpower is the only thing that gets you to your desk. Deadlines are God's gift to those whose instinctive response to the thought of a blank computer screen is to crawl under the duvet and go back to sleep.

The bottom line is that authors have to manage their own workload, with no one around to chat to at the water cooler or give a thumbs-up across the room when you've finished a task.

From a GROW perspective, email is critically important for various reasons:- Founded in 2004 and with about 1.4 billion active users worldwide, Facebook is the dominant social media platform and it is also free to use. Founder Mark Zukerberg describes Facebook as a company which “hopes to strengthen how people relate to each other” and he emphasises that “even if our mission sounds big, it starts small — with the relationship between two people”.