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“Increasingly, that's working life for most of us. And it’s something entirely different to your professional life, whatever that might be.” Making bricks work And for some adults, Lego has become part of that professional life.

During an internship at Lego’s Future Lab, designer Carlos Arturo Torres created Iko, a prosthetic arm for children which they can customise with Lego pieces, helping to break down stigma.

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Babies have a much more readily developed sense of touch than they do eyesight or hearing, for example.

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At Virgin Hotels Chicago, lifestyle-focused rooms are split in two by a sliding set of privacy doors, which creates two separate areas: a space for living and a space for sleeping.

“We'll be there doing some free building stuff and you'll have the adults who will be rushing over to do it.

No matter what the age group, it's accessible to everyone and they all want to have a go.

Brick Link, the biggest online Lego trading site, currently has nearly 50,000 individual Lego parts listed, from Aircraft Fuselage to World Racer Stickers.