After invalidating dating a song

28-Nov-2019 16:28

And this is the foundation of narcissistic invalidation.

In their minds, by denying you, in relation to whatever, means you cannot catch them out on their own denial about who they really are.

The programming is undertaken for the very purpose of derailing you, of diverting you when required (read Reacting vs.

responding: Overcoming legacy of abuse and narcissism for more on this and how to stop being their puppet).

Disproving the reality of who they are without the mask, drives their existence.

This results in the fixation to constantly source supply. Unlike emotionally healthy people however, the pathological narcissist’s version of validation is not contingent on acceptance and understanding.

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It goes like this: to retain beliefs in always being right and superior means that anyone who knowingly or unknowingly challenges these points, must be wrong and inferior. The ONLY thing that matters is that your thoughts, feelings, and experiences are negated (read The narcissist’s word salad: Stop biting now for an example of this in action).

It works every time until you wise up to their game.

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