All of the playlists selected for updating Adultfreechat not registration

30-Oct-2019 13:46

if i change the preferences to selected playlists only, will it erase all my songs and replace them with the stuff only on the playlist or will i still be able to control what goes on my ipod and leave the stuff on it alone?my preferences are set to manually manage songs and playlists.I wouldn't think that it being a cellular issue on one phone would carry over to another.Another negative to all of this is that if this does in fact turn out to only be a temporary fix, I would be wiping and redownloading my multiple thousand song music library pretty regularly.

all of the playlists selected for updating-50

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Just have to remember not to update any apps or music while I'm away from wifi to avoid extra charges.

I can confirm that this shortened fix works 🙂Dam thing stopped syncing again!!!!! But I’m very disappointed that the Apple person marked the issue as solved without waiting to hear from the person who posted.

But only with my i Phone 7 plus (my i Pod Touch and i Pad are still working). I am very much team Apple, but I'm saddened to say i OS 11 is a complete crock of sh*t. I short fix was to simply turn on "use cellular data" in both the i Tunes and app stores" and "music" settings, while also leaving my wifi connection turned on.

Often times on my i Phone X, i'll try to add a new album or song to a playlist, and it never takes, regardless of how many times I do it.

Sometimes rebooting the phone will help, but not always. Note: The reply marked as "solved" in this thread is not accurate, as all my settings, and others that have replied, are correct. Nothing I did in i Tunes on my i Mac would sync to my i Phone (when previously it did), but vice versa it worked fine. Then Switch off i Cloud Music Library within the Music setting (if like me you also had Mobile/Cellular Data already switched off (and I think this mobile data thing is the issue/key here); switch it back on again for both streaming and downloading). When I selected Playlists then everything was syncing correctly. I don't want to watch a full season in a row, I want it shuffled at random!