Am i intimidating quiz

04-Dec-2019 01:57

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While it's good to be aware of how others see us, we must remember that their opinions do not define who we are.

Take some time today to reflect and see if any of these 10 signs of an intimidating personality relate to you.

Your advice might be solid, but it can be misinterpreted if someone is in an emotional state and just wants comfort.

Soft-hearted people often get the brunt of a lot of people's bad attitudes.

You'd rather sit in comfortable silence with an old friend than make mindless chatter with a stranger.

You never mastered the art of small talk, which fuels the majority of workplace interaction.

Just make sure when you do lay it all out, you do so with the other person's feelings in mind.

You don't fear approaching someone and letting them know how they make you feel or if they've said something that offended you.

You have no hesitancy in dropping a conversation or cutting ties with someone who is willfully ignorant. Tell us your most defining personality trait in the comments.