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"Some people jump in a bottle, others take pills -- I eat cheeseburgers.

It's my drug of choice," he explained in a confessional.

The winner would receive a stocked kitchen for an entire year.

Amanda and Rebecca went the closest without going over and won the challenge. and dropped four -- giving them a combined weight-loss percentage of 2.21%. I can't believe I just lost four pounds on the scale -- eating a ton of calories, restricted workouts -- everything against me," said Tracey. " Julio weighed in next as the sole member of the Black Team, and he needed to lose seven pounds to stay safe. and only lost four for a total weight-loss percentage of 1.09%.

Julio then fell, leaving Allen Smith and Daniel battling for Immunity. "Tracey not being able to work, I've got to do things twice as hard, I've got to work twice as long, I've got to do whatever it takes to keep us here at least one more week," said Mo, who eventually hurt his back since he was working so hard. "Mo gets his head on straight, he'll want to be here." fourth eighth-season weigh-in then commenced. and didn't lose anything -- meaning that immunity was especially important. "I don't know how that's going to play in people's minds.