Analytical and sampling constraints of 210pb dating

19-Mar-2020 21:02

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Cs can be used to date the most recent past, under ideal circumstances as far back as 120–150 years.

The study indicated that neither 137Cs nor 32Si could be used to derive reliable chronologies for peat.

Implied temporal variations in deposition of anthropogenic species (ash, Pb and Pb isotopes) were consistent with known historical variations and other studies of archived materials, lake sediments and peat deposits.

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In addition, estimated The authors acknowledge the crews of the research vessels that took part in the field work during the campaigns, Dr V.

analytical and sampling constraints of 210pb dating-31

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Part of the work has been funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research, Natural Sciences (FNU) grant no.The study demonstrated that with a limit of detection of 5 Bq kg-1 or better, rigorous sampling technique and high resolution (2 cm) sampling increments, 210Pb dating using either the CIC method or the CRS method and 241Am dating method all gave consistent chronologies.