Andy and solbi dating

29-Mar-2020 21:24

I am not a fun of this show before but when I try to watch this Solim Couple I'm always looking forward to the next episode of them; and I even watched their previous episode everyday!

Jae Rim is showing what an ideal husband should it be for her wife and So Eun is doing a good wife as well, for complementing his husband for every effort that he did to her. No trying hard expressing their love towards each other, especially Jae Rim. No perceived hidden agenda; just going with the flow.

and when they look at each other, the way they look at each other... Watching them makes me laugh like crazy, dream like a child, and fall in love all over again.

All of a sudden I am inspired to believe in the marriage constitution...He likes mocha frappucino so before she went to meet him at the train station, she bought him a coffee first 2. Really feel like reality when two human being can't help fall in love to each other and hold back for something.She made a 9 dishes for his birthday and she bought Vanilla ..They fit very nicely! For one of the audience who watched them, every episode I have to take a deep breath and told myself don't forget that all the show before watch every new episode air but can't help fall for them. Just simply we all are human being who had felt for love at least once in our life time and can feel other person love. sorry for my English This couple makes you relive your first love with all that warm, fuzzy feeling and heart racing emotions that comes with it. However, they actually have a lot of things in common and are able to balance each other.This couple brought me back to WGM after 2 seasons of not watching. I don't mean just real as in the way they act or respond to each other (though there is that), but something that actually mimics a true relationship.

Watching movies at home, eating out and joking around.I wished that after the show they still remain good friend or maybe in the future they might be couples? And Whenever I watch them my memory and feeling call back to the past when I was fall in love. I love WGM couple who actually communicates outside of the show because it shows that at least some emotions that they show viewers is real, this couple certainly does.

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