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As of October 31, 2013, the files for v21 and v20 are available.

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The LINE installation’s region is stored in a SQLite database on the Android device, in the file /data/data/

To access the database, the Android device must be rooted.

Once downloaded, the bad words file is stored in the application’s cache directory as

If this list is unavailable, LINE will default to using a smaller internal list: 5mxphv Uu6s GOr G Qw8Esql Mmx k Nh11m Tf MLXZg Nmx Lf H4gr WErs AEsqw j34z Ubdx DUiit SMr77CBw Bd Eojc Kj IHvd BPt RFdu Mb5Tgv Bjbtzml XHN Um Us DVmto7r Md Cw P6 /AEz Lm KB6Gs AEs 3Q8x Etej Cqd Mnu U262feg4m5Or Nxlg X3wpif O/ 9Q9lm4Kz HAhs7ZSGCOZb E2j6w POTTMA6TXh9G1g A560Zj GNu t LPJSt Ud08Kkw AQv Ll3ZSC3Cex DT83D FK1MYAUmfc6BIGh/Aals Ssz Jc Lyat T7h RUpe Nl0/3i 0z2vt EZx EO6SU4memp En R9Erj GWLp UIb Nd Wx FVf32Le1Ua LE000 f L0y06lopo Fy GIj ELHg dbtm GFRMpxhm Zau EFmk Ie El CVctons X1866 c3q XVf Dn XZg30BXb9Octrytti5C81/P9M0y Drbt Dod2IKX1k39IDrsdq TPUC3 TYyu AOACGn AN/FNk RQme Bbhzp Y7Du2 F2f Lm8Ql Fhm2Mcza Hyj9a Dj Mf UAEuk NDt Yi Jj3MS h8/F9FW3g MHjnevi LWBBe0f RJBbrx Rv UKDtv S6vr MO/J2 nxiz/3d Bgk G2k XFR6Y9Pf V7X0fm BW/ZZLM3MMUk8LMm AJIuhcai Kha Hg4721p Xq T7v7U2Fm HLLi KJIev4a0l G bxg9n M2m9Ic DRSq7Uca08Jef Er OSSUOWUoe Wh NTtr1dhu07Hgbh Ba Hxd Hvurl9Ld FHi Kr JZNb ZEnu NK5 x Orm BVem Dc8untu B5Ihotp DU3y An ZNmv ZSDJ00/PH05j OCbf4Sg W rk VOjsgod Splj Gar7OBSf GR h Muj N4gay3h Hm9Ygg5z N8Ll ME31Cc ADl FRCixo0p3b3Vx Ml Av BHSRIt E/B/Qwx Ks G/IY7y2LCu6w Jrctgf PYW/px2It SOnd4Ltzt Ep CBh QT3/CZb O6c0OLWa DPufjn ZYuy EXy A6677 a Mc IAA0Rp In RMmzw Yg7e G4Pnuyg Tg DWhm6mc5C8Raz2te Uys Hhs IP26WAjd BQ IPWg Rv KLDzgp Ka OI mo Yq Xark TRBBdt MEOp4d4 s U953r E4i8s Wt VHSzp V9spr J5Fgday GOle Kn Zoy9GX1l38ey983h X8 Ln Msy VKpjw8I9NWCFdknig P9Qv AAYa DAq E0g4Y0o D3G1YAikk HCV0Foc8l Uww 9Xp ECxl ED7zna F9USMe XV Zyz Rjzt Uk/kg== Users in other regions are not subject to censorship, and changing the region code from CN to any other region should prevent the censorship functions from being invoked.

We are also introducing our newest feature Flash Chat.

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