Attractiveness and online dating

18-Apr-2020 03:21

We find that both men and women pursue partners who are on average about 25% more desirable than themselves by our measures and that they use different messaging strategies with partners of different desirability.

We also find that the probability of receiving a response to an advance drops markedly with increasing difference in desirability between the pursuer and the pursued.

However, while the two hypotheses may produce similar outcomes, they carry very different implications about the processes by which people identify and attract partners.

If there is consensus about who is desirable, then it creates a hierarchy of desirability () such that individuals can, at least in principle, be ranked from least to most desirable, and their ranking will predict how and to what extent they are pursued by others.

Evaluation conducted on a real-world dataset shows that the proposed CNAF method is effective in increasing the prediction accuracy for the cold-start users.

In particular, the prediction errors of the proposed CNAF method are on average 8.68%, 8.79%, and 8.71% lower than the systems using the Adamic–Adar index, resource allocation index, and preference attachment index respectively.

These studies typically focus on how specific attributes of individuals shape their browsing and messaging behavior.

To the extent that desirability correlates with individual attributes, the matching and competition hypotheses can, as a result, produce similar equilibrium patterns of mixing ().We present an empirical analysis of heterosexual dating markets in four large U. cities using data from a popular, free online dating service.We show that competition for mates creates a pronounced hierarchy of desirability that correlates strongly with user demographics and is remarkably consistent across cities.We also explore the ways in which people tailor their messaging strategies and message content based on the desirability of potential partners, and how desirability and dating strategy vary across demographic groups.

To study individual desirability, we focus on messages between users of the website in four cities: New York, Boston, Chicago, and Seattle.

This in turn implies that people differ in their opinions about what constitutes a desirable partner or at least about who is worth pursuing.

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