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05-Sep-2020 09:40

blurred the lines of virtual and physical dolls by allowing players to print their clothing creations, enabled by special fabric sheets included with the game.To dress Barbie in the printed clothes, you had to cut and tape the templates together, much like traditional paper dolls.You won’t find dress-up innovation on a disc or cartridge at Gamestop.

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The virtual fashion show was far superior to dressing physical Barbie in the printed garments, which were flimsy and impractical outside of the game.

The inspiration for these drag-and-drop dolls came from Kisekae (meaning “to dress” in Japanese) physical paper doll sets.

The computer counterparts feature a lingerie-clad doll template and a small, often suggestive, wardrobe; each item clicks into place once you drag it on to the doll, thus “dressing” her.

The larger problem is the scarcity of quality games about femininity; this just happens to include standalone dress-up games.

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The unbelievable shittiness of dress-up games is their own, a unique blend of design choices that exclude all player agency and creativity.

Play reinforces the expectations attached to birth-assigned sex: boys to army men, girls to dolls.