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18-Nov-2019 17:48

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A guy once asked me to meet him at a Mexican restaurant that had L-shaped seating where the guy had the perfect opportunity to sit closer to me rather than right across as per usual. Rejection is a part of the process, doling it out and receiving it as well. Know what you want so you don’t get swayed by every smooth talker who’s not really a match for you.

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It shows me a lot when a guy is not willing to wait to approach this boundary before a serious relationship leading to marriage has taken off.

Some people were super chill and others were not my type at all, but I never could have met this many people without the help of going online and asking my family and friends. I literally took a negative experience and turned it into a positive one.5.

I used to put a lot of stigma on those two avenues, but in this day and age, and especially as a Muslim looking for someone else who shares their faith, it’s practically mandatory.4. Don’t worry, you can reuse the date location if the food was good and have an awesome date with someone else. Don’t get hung up after a series of terrible first dates.

I went out with guys who got hung up on this fact (and made it clear in their actions and words), and then there were other guys who never brought it up and were confident in themselves and thus I never noticed the difference anyway.

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If somebody really wants you, this fact won’t stop them (so stop using it as an excuse for being single as well).

If I find myself justifying why someone is meant to be, basing it on how serendipitously we met, or how we have every last thing in common, I know I’m deluding myself.

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