Benzino and karlie really dating

30-Apr-2020 23:38

Benzino: I’ve probably been here like seven months, and I was living in Miami for like six years and after the whole Source situation, me and Dave (Mays), when we started Hip Hop Weekly, we just felt that it would be better (in Atlanta). Me and Stevie had already been doing songs together, I’ve known Stevie for, like, 10 years and about a year and a half prior to me moving here, we had went down to Orlando and rented out a house and just started doing some music. My daughter is 15, she’s gonna be running track for Campbell, and then my youngest son he’s starting his first year of football, pee wee football, in the area and they promoted him to quarterback.

It was really, like, performance-driven music, and we just came with the name The Magnificent 757s as a band-driven type of music. Its just really good fit to raise kids and, out here, you know, it’s like trees, it’s like secluded, so I like it. and then when I came up here, he was telling me (about the show) and I was like, ‘OK, that’s hot.’ I figured maybe they would catch a side of Stevie and the band. I’ve made mistakes, but I’m on a whole new path, a whole new outlook on life. just me naturally evolving as a man and as a human being that wants to coexist with other human beings without violence, without fighting, without arguing, without negative energy. He’s a great father to his kids, a terrific father. And he plays every instrument – guitar, keyboard, bass, drums. He’s basically a genius when it comes to the music side.

At some point they had asked me to do a car scene with Stevie to talk to him about what he’s going through, and I agreed. Initially, I’m with my man, this is cool, you know, I could be the band, just do a little thing on it, a little rapping, they would see me rap and that would be it. She was coming out of one of the scene with Stevie, where she was doing the ‘Louis, Prada, Gucci’ song. It really hadn’t been done, but at the end of the day you’re gonna deal with what comes along with that, on and off the camera. I probably didn’t express myself all the time in the right way. Granted, I had my little revolutionary side, my angry side, and I look back at it now and a lot of it was unnecessary. I learned that I’m not the only one on this earth and the things that I do and say affect other people. As far as what you see with the faces and everything, like Stevie, yeah.

She asked me for my number, and then we went on a date like the day after. I go to Krogers, this girl fell out on the floor and rolled around and the guys there were helping her up and she’s panting. I think Stevie being the colorful character that he is … I think Mama D and Scrappy and Erica, I think their situation was a great situation, especially being that they’re from Atlanta. He believes that sometimes that he was anointed, you know what I’m saying?

She will surely get more opportunities in different reality TV shows in near future and there is no doubt she will shine in all of them.

Karlie Redd's net worth is expected to be around 0 thousand at present.

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Redd has also appeared in some other TV shows and movies.

“She’s 49, so she’s a little old for it”, said the 26 year old Sincere.

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