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“What could have been different for her if Lindbergh officials had properly investigated when these warning signs first started? In response to what happened in 1996, Lindbergh Schools said it had no record of whether the information concerning Wilder and Emilie was reported to social services.The district further said its “responsibility is to keep students safe at all times,” and that outside of the principal’s investigation and Wilder’s two subsequent arrests, it didn’t receive any other complaints from parents or students during Wilder’s 22 years of employment.She pulled her SUV into the Saint Louis Galleria mall parking lot, where a high school running coach named Jim Wilder waited.The device picked up some rustling, a Rihanna ballad on the car stereo, a deep breath, and Emilie’s voice: “Let’s hope this goes well.”It did, at least from the perspective of the St.If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar.Emilie Morris turned on the digital recorder wedged into her sports bra. Louis Civil Rights Enforcement Agency appreciates reports of discrimination in employment, housing or public accommodation.

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Once you have filed a charge, CREA will assign your case to an investigator, who will contact you to discuss your complaint and answer any questions you may have.