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15-Jan-2020 20:45

Just download and install the app, launch it, and begin chatting right away.The app will delete all your messages after they are sent to the person you are chatting with.Unfortunately, a lot of features such as – filter by gender or video chats, are locked behind the paywall.Wakie was introduced as a non-traditional alarm app which offered calls from strangers to wake you up. With this app, you can request strangers to wake you up with a call.Unlike other apps, the app has a digital receptionist which gives you a brief tour of the app and shows you how to use it.

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Before we begin, chances are most of these anonymous sites might save your chats, even though they say otherwise. Unlike the web version, you need to create an account in the app, by entering your username, email address, etc.Bored of talking to your friends on Facebook and Whats App? Sometimes talking to strangers can be really beneficial to your mind.

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