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Within the next four years, The Escapist contracted several creators including Loading Ready Run, Miracle of Sound, and Bob "Movie Bob" Chipman, as well as helping launch Extra Credits as a rebrand of its creators' videos.In 2010, The Escapist launched a membership service called the Publisher's Club which for a year removed advertisements from the site, conferred forum benefits and entry into special contests.Following issues included work by Tom Chick, Allen Varney, Jim Rossignol and other top writers from in and outside the game industry, including a four-part piece by leading game designer Warren Spector.The website noted that the webzine had become the "flagship brand" for Themis, which runs other websites and ventures related to the gaming industry, with the reputation of "a widely read and highly respected form of game journalism" and "paying writers top dollar".

For the 1995 website and zine devoted to the educational use of RPGs, see The Escapist (website). and became well-known for a roster of popular video series.On January 21, 2015, Defy Media announced it was cutting staff across a portfolio of its main sites including The Escapist, Game Trailers and Game Front.The Big Picture, produced by Movie Bob, was the first series to be officially relaunched alongside the continued Zero Punctuation.It was previously cancelled with Chipman's departure in 2015, and was revived in November 2018 alongside his film reviewer presence on

Gameumentary was founded in January 2017 by Nick Calandra and acquired by Escapist March Mayhem: Developer's Showdown (commonly referred to as March Mayhem or simply MM) is an annual event hosted by The Escapist to determine the most popular video game developer in the industry.The event was criticised by many site members due to the site's policy of allowing developers to advertise on their own websites and games in order to gain votes.

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