Big red flags dating

04-Jul-2020 06:10

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The friendships we lost happened primarily when her lies started catching up or was discovered, then those friends suddenly became the bad people.

There were all the other signs too, insecurity, jealousy, selfies all the time, bragging about how this person and that person likes her, always complaining about someone, gossiping... Those were reasons why I broke up, but had no idea how destructive of a person she was.

Also don't let anyone else tell you it's your fault the person is making these threats or you're a bad person for not caring for them.

I’m not talking about one’s ability to experience the feeling of anger; all of us should be able to identify that God-given emotion in our lives.When I called it quits it was all suddenly important to her that I have time to myself. Not the kind of red flag that should have you running for the hills, but if you feel like you're walking on eggshells when talking about your hobbies/interests/favourite bands, end it before you get invested. Threatening to kill themselves when you break up, saying every day how you're going to be together forever, proposing marriage at age 16, saying "I wanted to marry you" when you break up with them for being crazy, etc...