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What I think so far: Typing felt cramped even for my smaller-size fingers, and I made mistakes but I admit I'm still retraining myself after years with virtual keyboards every day (I used to pine for the QWERTY's return).

The short keyboard height is clearly part of the trade-off to keep the Key One from getting too tall.

Do any of the following:• To send out-of-office replies inside your organization, enter a message in the Reply with field.• To specify a start time and end time to send out-of-office replies, turn on the Send Automatic Replies Between Specific Dates switch.

Weeks after Black Berry revealed the brand's big comeback phone, to the joy of Black Berry die-hards and other lovers of physical keyboards, the Key One finally landed on my desk.

And you can map a long or short press of any key to launch an app or shortcut -- up to 52 of them in total (good luck remembering them all).

The phone will even suggest apps or contacts to pair to, such as "I" for "Instagram," "Y" for "Yelp" and "M" for "Mom."The fingerprint reader is built right into the home button.

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Its last few devices failed to make a positive impression.

It'll work on all four major US carriers, but will initially sell from Black Berry and other online retailers. Posh London department store Selfridges will have it first in the UK, then it'll go out to the masses in Carphone Warehouse stores on May 5, for £499.