Bowwow and ciara dating

16-Oct-2019 19:24

Everybody has their own opinions on Bow Wow and Ciara......... I think Bow Wow is the greatest and same with Ciara......

From another FAQ Farmer: Ciara was in a mini-movie for bow wow and from then on they were friends now a couple.

The rapper sat right next to her while she ungifted her luxurious timepiece. He was also spotted bringing another woman to the premiere of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, the same show where he was asking Joie for a second chance.

Maybe his angst stems from Future swiping another one of his girlfriends…remember Ciara??

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Like Usher, the teen rap star has come of age in the public eye and now that he's old enough, Bow finally wants to open up more about his private life — starting with his ex-girlfriend, Ciara (see "Ciara Talks Single Life, Dreams Of Acting Like A Boy On Evolution")."It's about a certain relationship I was in, but how I feel about it now. I'm finally getting the opportunity to get that off my chest. And I'm just welcoming everybody into what's been going on from a year and a half ago until now with me.That song is the one that really speaks, because it's about me getting someone out of my system to make me feel good, but it's hard to do that when you really like someone." Aside from tackling relationships, Bow Wow said he is aiming to impress a more diverse, older audience than the largely teen and female set traditionally drawn to his work.In 2006, Ciara decided to try her hand at acting and she appeared in MTV’s made-for-TV movie, All You’ve Got.

Ciara has since starred in two other films although neither ever made it to the big screen.While rapping over his and Ciara's 2005 hit "Like You," he stopped mid-lyrics to call her out of her name and brag about "having" her "first." "I had this b*tch first," he said on the mic.