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05-Oct-2020 06:40

Gately first came into the public eye when he played a small part in the Alan Parker film the Commitments in 1991. The manufactured boy band scored six UK number ones and sold over ten million albums.

“Stephen was both in and out of the spotlight a genuine, funny and very charismatic man ” “We are shocked and saddened that he is no longer with us and had such a short life as he had much more to give.The Osmonds, the Jacksons and the Monkees were probably the first “proper” boybands.One of the earliest, and most literal, boybands was the Puerto Rico group Menudo.The roots of boyband culture go back several decades.

Groups like the Beach Boy and the Beatles can all be said to have influenced the boyband style.A year later, the band split following the decision of lead singer, Ronan Keating to pursue a solo career.