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Tr in camera for live sex Let's talk about this new show, Rock of Love (premiering Sunday, July 15th on VH1). Bret Michaels: I don't believe that anyone who goes into doing reality TV really accepts it for being reality. I don't think you go in for just the dating process. That immediately eliminated a few of the girls right off the bat. I found this, and I say this because I have two beautiful daughters, and they're young but they're very competitive, especially with each other. I don't mean just over guys, I'm talking about in life. I like to get up and do stuff, and I'm pretty spontaneous. And in their defense, they let me do what I wanted to do.

I can't imagine that you have trouble meeting women. I think you have a firm realization that it's bizarre dating on TV. So I said, "Why don't we pick natural activities where they can learn to bond with each other or learn to hate each other." So we did full contact mud football, motocross racing, gun shooting… you name it. I want to ask you about women, because people have a certain idea about what rock stars want in a woman. The first thing you have to find, forget about the hair or the breasts for a minute; I'm looking for what I say is a physical attraction.

Next thing you know, a couple of them immediately turn you off once they open their mouth. I'm looking for that in a woman as well; [someone] who can roll with the punches. Actually Pamela was the furthest thing from my mind. You set her on this path towards rock musicians… Bret Michaels: I set her on this path towards rock destruction (Laughs)! We used to laugh and she'd go, "Gosh, I used to go out with models and actors, and then I met you and it's been a path of destruction ever since." (Laughs) I don't think she's recovered yet. But once she got a little taste of that rock, she just couldn't go back. You're looking for someone with a deep creative spirit and oftentimes that gets misunderstood as being bad. A good hearted bad boy, meaning a guy who has this deep spirit, he lives outside the box and it's a turn on because they're likeable and great to that woman. And this is my thing about being a "loveable bad boy" is that people know what I am and what I do.

Bret Michaels: Well that's the image that every rocker gets. She's hot, blonde, big breasts." Kid and Tommy and myself… but I was first (laughs)! She got that bad boy thing and then she just couldn't go back. What they want is this likeable good hearted bad boy, meaning rocker bad boy. That guy's got a good spirit, he's creative and driven. Bret Michaels: Yeah, but we like the word "bad boy." (Laughs) Yeah, we'll stick with bad boy. How many people get kicked to the curb on their own show (laughs)?! It's not like all of a sudden they woke up one day and I was working at a job and then I get a hit single and then I'm on the road.

He was an open book and always willing to poke fun at himself. We had a great time analyzing love, relationships, and music and he is someone I would be happy to count as a friend. Bret Michaels: We are actually in the lovely city of Nashville, Tennessee, one of my favorite cities. I think that's led to what I bring to the band, which is not only just a sense of good rock music, but a good sense of being able to tell a story whether it's funny, sexual, deep… I'm able to complete the story with the lyrics and the melody. I'm very independent and I'm not a big posse guy." In other words, I don't have fifty-two people in an entourage. What happens with a posse to me is that you have to move in a herd.

I was down here finishing up some work on a solo record that comes out in the fall. Was music something your parents were very passionate about when you were growing up? My mother played acoustic guitar and I got guitar lessons when I was a kid. You spend more time getting the herd to move then just going and doing what you want to do.

The formula is simple… one blonde, blue eyed rock star plus twenty-five beautiful and willing women all shacked up in the Hollywood Hills… and the alcoholic beverages flow like water. First and foremost I love rock music in all its forms! I like good melody and that's where my connection to country is.

Extreme sports, rock music and plenty of debauchery are incorporated into Rock of Love.

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