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Here all you need to know about Britney's man...Sam starred in Britney's raunchy music video Slumber Party, playing the singer's love interest..header__3OBc H.wrapper__36h [email protected] (min-width:71rem) Nav__1Sh [email protected] (min-width:500px)@media (min-width:71rem)Nav__1Sh Ab.visible__2m RGs.section__1Mi Zw.section Section__2j Nz Section__2j Nz S .section Items__1t Eq Section__2j Nz S .section Items__1t Eq P .link__HCunz.section Links Section__2Pxj Q.other Links Section__3Q5VU.other Links Section__3Q5VU .section Items__1t Eq P.other Links Section__3Q5VU .section Items__1t Eq P .link__HCunz. SHE WAS SO SO SO SO JALOUSIE OF HER SISTER BECAUSE SHE HAD A BOYFRIEND and one time she even dresses up as a boy and said "where is britney spears im her boyfriend im…

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It should be noted, however, that Sam has remained with Britney throughout her recent conservatorship problems - with reports at the time claiming that the singer wanted to be freed from the court would be hard to miss a disheveled starlet and her swarthy companion. 2007: Isaac Cohen 2007: Howie Day 2007: Daimon Shippen 2007-2008: Adnan Ghalib. Britney Jean Spears is an American Recording Artist and entertainer.Apparently she has been with her photographer friend Adnan Ghalib, but where are they now? She was born on December 2, 1981 at Mc Comb, Mississippi and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana. Brittney Spear's boyfriend's name is 'Adnan Gholub who is Paparazzi. Spears will dump him because she feels he has leaked information about her to the press and feels he is trying to make money off her.She released a song "Someday (I Will Understand)" in August 2005 that she dedicated to her first child, a son, who was born the following month.

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She gave birth to her second son in September 2006.

Britney Spears has publicly dated several males, including Justin Timberlake, Robbie Carrico, Wade J. (she will probably be with him for a very long time..) I love you Britney ♥ Hope you… This is all of her boyfriends she has ever had: (except for when she was like 10) 1996: Reg Jones. 2002: Fred Durst 2004: Jason Alexander 2004-2006: Kevin Federline. She first appeared as a contestant on Star search program in 1992. Of course he denies this and to date they are still with each other.