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01-May-2020 19:45

The Buddhist funeral customs are very diverse and vary between Buddhist sects and from one country to another.

The funerals themselves can be very traditional and ritualistic or simple and dignified.

I'm dating someone who isn't into games but is very interested in spiritual development and I wish I was closer to Japan so we could both appreciate this temple!

I don’t know if it quite fits the bill, but “and then we held hands” can feel a bit “meditative” to me.

It is believed that death is the transition from this life to the next.While the clothing should be simple and respectful, it should not be too informal such as black jeans and black t-shirts.Like those performed pre-death, post-death rituals and Buddhism burial practices are intended to aid in attaining a desirable rebirth and give merit to the deceased.During this time, friends and relatives offer food, incense, paper money and other gifts to the deceased spirits to garner good merit for their loved ones.

Paper lanterns in the shape of lotus flowers are also placed in lakes and rivers to guide the way for the spirits.

When death is imminent, Buddhists focus on caring for the individual's mental and spiritual state, rather than unnaturally prolonging his life, to encourage a good rebirth.