C wince updating registry values

02-Dec-2019 14:51

Can anyone give me an alternative solution Autorun from registry and Create Process dont take parameters, so they wont work in this case.Installing the CAB file once when the decive is assamblied, may cause the included driver to fail in future, when a customer resets the registry, since all the drivers registry settings will be deleted and the driver cant recover.

c wince updating registry values-14

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You can clone that file to your own platform subfolders and change it there,where it belongs (after all, this problem is specific to your particularhardware that doesn't persist the registry). I'll try Paul's IOCTL_HAL_INITREGISTRY suggestion, implemented by OALIo Ctl Hal Init Registry().

function call; giving the directory and name of the CAB file as parameter to the wceldcmd tool.

But when i try to use the system() function, i recognized that this function (common in stdlib.h) isnt supported by Win Ce 5.0.

Thanks, Roberto Waltman[ Please reply to the group,return address is invalid ] There's an IOCTL value passed to your OEM Io Control handler in the kernel,in CE4.x and 5.x, called IOCTL_HAL_INITREGISTRY.

You can, when you processthat, set the values for the calibration constants that you recovered fromelsewhere.

I would like to avoid this approach because it increases the timespent in an already lengthy boot process, and (from a post by Dean Ramsier in a 2002 thread) is not guaranteed to work, if the BSPsupplier did not make sure the RAM object store is preserved.