Carbon 14 dating clair g wood

29-May-2020 14:38

One option that is only possible with fast turnaround time is sending samples in batches; this can be beneficial particularly if there are unexpected results.

Once the results for the first batch are reported, the decision can be made on whether to proceed with the rest of the samples immediately, date smaller batches or rethink and consult other lines of evidence first.

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An important factor in decision-making is how quickly the results are reported, particularly if there are deadlines to meet.

Even when there is no impending deadline, a fast turnaround time can be important and lead to cost savings in the long run.

Choosing a radiocarbon dating laboratory is not always easy; there are many factors to consider and often budgetary constraints to negotiate.

Further analyses and other lines of evidence can be pursued in a timely manner, which prevents the need for any rush fees or last minute additional fieldwork.

Having results available early therefore helps save money as well as time.

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