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We have only had relatively minor maintenance issues and they have always been addressed quickly.They didn't seem to have any issues replacing our dryer with a new one when we had an issue with it.That being said this is probably one of the best apartment complexes in Riverside and I would recommend it to any of my friends.I would give living here 5 stars because of Natasha and the staff but I must give it 4 because of the valet trash charge.But, overall we are happy living here and plan to renew our lease. I had a 1 bedroom floor plan and have recently moved into a 2 bedroom plan.Both places in the complex have been clean and quiet.I moved to California in August, and needed a securely gated community to live in near the local AF base, but within close proximity to good shopping.I realized after shopping around that Castlerock had the quickest access to the 215/60 freeway out of its competitors.

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It's a bit on the expensive side, but of all the apartments in the area, we thought this one was (and is) the nicest.We don't have pets, but it seems like a lot of residents have dogs here.