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30-Jan-2020 15:58

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And then there are the celebrities who are rumored to have done so for the big screen.

This list of 20 Celebrities Who Didn’t Mind Having Real Sex for the Big Screen will open your eyes to a whole new meaning of committing to your craft. were alive today, he would not be ashamed of admitting it. R&B singer D’Angelo is yet another singer who reportedly had sex while shooting a music video.

made an appearance on a list of the worst sex-scenes in a movie. So much for baring it all and committing to your work.

O’Brien and Stilley ended up getting burned for their commitment to making the sex real in the film. , encompassing the best of Spanish and British cinema.

Haven't seen that yet, but I did notice a few times when things were really on the verge of provoking the censors Rayburn would suddenly go all poker-faced and steer the conversation elsewhere [italic] pronto!

Hollywood is a magical land where just about anything can happen. Yup, that’s right, there have been instances of celebs going full-on intercourse for the sake of a great movie, television show, or music video.

Just watching the promiscuity and sexuality of this film will make you think that it would take pretty good acting chops to fake it.

Hey, Hollywood is full of the gorgeous, chiseled bodies of the rich and famous; can we really blame celebs for taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some great hanky panky? died not too long ago and was unable to answer our burning question of whether or not he totally did it in a music video. The music video had a huge impact on the public and was the talk of the town among R&B music lovers.[quote]If theyw ere all filmed in one day, would the panel be blitzed by Friday?They filmed the week's episodes in order -- five shows in one day -- and the week's later shows were done after a heavy drinking lunch.This list will surprise you and make you go back to your movie collection to see just how believable these sex scenes were. These celebs show us just how dedicated they are to their job. In the video for “Ready to Die”, it looks as though the heavy-set rapper is receiving oral sex. Diddy decided to dish on the filming of that now notorious music video. The video was only the beginning of D’Angelo’s reign as a sexual symbol in the music world, yet he unfortunately succumbed to another vice popular among musicians and singers: drugs.

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So much so that they don’t mind shedding their clothes and baring it all while the cameras rolled. Check out the video for yourself and see what you think!

starred Bo Derek, who supposedly was not acting when she was involved in a sex scene in the film.

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