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21-Aug-2020 22:56

When I interact with this bot, is its personality friendly and helpful? It takes the form of a pretty cute little square with a penchant for plaid and being a brand ambassador.I was impressed by the variety of formats in which I was able to ask about features and still get thorough, on-point answers.Pros: the expense report thing is cool I guess, feel like it would incentivize finishing more than just a tedious form.Cons: dislike the tone, barely functional polls, which is like 30% of what the thing is supposed to do. Rating: 1/5 ballgags I decided to break my Slack bot-streak for Alexa since at some point an Echo Dot will be arriving at my house. Alexa: For help on what you can say, take a look at the things you can try section in the Alexa app. I don’t mean to go around sexually-harassing lady-like bots, as I have a distinct objection to how people tend to abuse feminized AI.BDSM is after all about architecting an interactive experience, and I think many of its lessons in getting the most from our submissives translate well to things we can improve about bots.I rely on my submissives to give me feedback when the kind of commands I’m giving are unclear, or when I’m crossing a limit for them with pain or exhaustion.So I decided to see whether the “listening” for props is context-sensitive or just goes off a solitary keyword to try and figure out why it wasn’t working. I quickly ran afoul of issues with the keywords that the bot itself suggested not being effective at communicating my desires or giving me enough information to know what to do with it: Using most bots requires a bit of repetition and back and forth as the user acclimates to the expected commands, but I was thoroughly displeased that I had to work this hard to get through a fairly limited list of functionalities.The actual verbal copy is as deferential as I’ve come to expect from my preferred kind of service bot, but it seems even Howdy had his hard limits: No worries Howdy team, I’m sure Ben Brown is a fine enough gentleman but I’m a bit more of a discerning dominatrix.

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The gist is that you add this chatbot to Slack channels and it listens in for “props” which cue it up to give praise to a designated team member.

It seems these days that one cannot swing a stick on the internet without hitting an article on why bots are So Hot Right Now.

As your friendly neighborhood dominatrix and expert on being served by people and things as a lifestyle, I feel obligated to chime in. Of the many fun things about being a dominatrix, we also often get to ask these same questions about the submissive person who wants to engage with us in a BDSM kink dynamic, as certainly these service-oriented subs each come with their own distinct human personality.

Bots should be as forthright in providing proactive reminders of how best to interact with them, especially at the point of failure.

Ex: if an unclear command is given, an error or “I did not understand” message is never a bad time to guide the user and remind them of the parameters of your bot and what it is “supposed to” do instead.

I used to speak to her one-on-one and test out a variety of skills and commands. Going off this list, I tested out asking about movies playing near me, tried playing and navigating one of my audiobooks on Audible, what the news is today, and restaurant search. Alexa: I’m not sure what you meant by that question. But for the purposes of our experiment, I was impressed that she deflects with effective neutrality when questions stray from her intended use.