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22-Nov-2019 14:56

She’s received and given feedback, collaborated on projects, and now Jazmine is working to start a science policy group.Check out our interview for some great advice on contacting scholars via DM and how Twitter can create community.And offered advice on their projects and vice versa.Jazmine: I would either…one of my followers, or something I followed, would retweet a story from that person. So I have a lot of friends that I connect with via Facebook and Instagram. Jennifer: Yeah, I find that a lot of people like separating those kinds of audiences by platform.I’m trying to create kind of a gene interaction network for this previously unexplored gene that we’re interested in.So the packaging of proteins and the interaction between the endoplasmic reticulum where proteins are folded an put into their working configuration.So on the endoplasmic retticulum as far as protein folding, or people who work downstream of what I do, more of the actual secretion method itself.But it’s kind of not a super popular area of research currently.


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Jazmine: I find a lot of people that work either upstream of what I do.

Each member has also the possibilty of becoming a Top Member on a little fee of .

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