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22-Feb-2020 10:07

I got some lovely pressies: loads of scented candles, my favourite Redken shampoo and conditioner, books, DVDs, CDs (ONE DIRECTION, oh yes I did), and a pasta machine from my Mum. I’ve learned a lot this year too (proving that you’re never too old). I’ve continued to believe that you should really try not to judge other people.

The nicest things this year have been really small, but very important: someone saying ‘thanks so much for that recipe’, or ‘your children are a credit to you’, so I’m definitely going to be going out of my way to give credit where it’s due in 2013. No resolutions, but in 2013, I’ll be having fun, paying compliments, adding to those precious snapshots and looking up to people who deserve it – like, for example, my wonderful Disreputable Dad who is perpetually kind, funny, a wonderful Grandad, and a tiny bit naughty, who got engaged on Christmas Day. Congratulations Dad and my soon to be stepmum (she hates that, sorry)!

Research shows that one of the main reasons families return to their passport country is due to aging parents.

Prior to this decision though, there have usually been years of managing relationships with loved-ones from a distance.

If I’m honest, however, I think we could have done better.

It is easy to get caught up in the daily adjusting and living in a new host country and because the person is absent, they kind of get overlooked.

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