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09-Jul-2020 08:47

A biography of Arthur Holmes, a British geologist who pioneered the use of radioactive decay techniques to age rocks & also an early supporter of continental drift shortly after Wegener proposed the hypothesis.

Holmes work with the radioactive decay of uranium as geological clock began very early, before the First World War.

He also wrote an influential textbook the first edition of which in the 1940s was one of the first to mention the continental drift hypothesis to beginning students. While the book is very interesting, it left me vaguely dissatisfied, perhaps because it's neither a biography nor a history of geological dating but wants to be both.

Sometimes telling someone's life through a central issue works fine, but in this case I would have preferred the book to be either about Holmes or about dating.

While the book is very interesting, it left me vaguely dissatisfied, perhaps because it's neither a biography nor a history of geological dating but wants to be both.

Others seem to have played important roles in the question of the age of the earth, but they and their work are given too little attention.

One part biography of Arthur Holmes, a man that spent his life trying to date the Earth. The blurb on this book oversells Holmes importance in this history, as it was a thought that was about to happend (Im sceptical to the idea of the Great Man (or for that matter Woman) that change the landscape of science). A fascinating book which poses, and tries to answer, a lot of questions about the thoughts, ideas and processes involved in a highly technical field.

But blurp aside, it is still a great book about a fascinating subject. It held my attention, but I wouldn't like to sit a test on who, what and how the various theories were deduced, followed up and proved/disproved.

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