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It's always important to ask yourself "Do I like her or just like the fact it took me no effort to land her thanks to the foreigner buff? After I spent time living in China I discovered just how lucky I was when I realized that the vast majority of women I met (and that my friends described to me) were more like what you are encountering.Only tip I can suggest is to think hard about where/how you are meeting these women and then stop doing that.This has been my experience: Disadvantages: My problem is the sex on demand advantage gets tired very quickly.I get about three weeks of enjoyment out of it and then she just becomes a burden: an expensive, unopinionated princess.There are a bunch of chicks walking around in tight jeans, some too fat so their muffin tops peek over the waistline, while others cover it up with a sweatshirt of (insert local sports team).You notice that the older ones look as if they've been teleported from the 80s or 90s, with Jordache jeans, tired perms and mall bangs.

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Translations of Freud and Russell for psychology/philosophy, some Steinbeck in English, all kinds of stuff.

" She smiles back and says, "Well, I've been reading this wonderful critique of Nietzsche's work on perspectivism."After a rich and fulfilling conversation about that, and Chomsky's recent take on the Syrian conflict, you have breakfast together. There are a lot of Chinese girls out there, so of course you'll run into a ton that bore you. You could swap out the nationality of the girl with any other nationality and you'd still have a list of disadvantages based on the fact your partner doesn't push herself intellectually. Just go for a better class of woman, regardless of what is stamped on the passport.