Chinese pop star dating 12 year old sex dating in gessie indiana

19-Apr-2020 21:21

We can debate all day about cultural relativism, but I think this is a package deal with the general way they view and treat women. Similar misogyny and poor practices happen all the time in India as well.Remember how parents were only allowed one child and most killed or aborted their daughters? It's a general lack of seeing women as equals just as worthy of any role as a man.The age for marriage and consent is going up in most of the developed world largely because we see women as equals and they are more and more often expected to live completely full lives in and of themselves.They can have any job or career and be responsible for their own welfare.We can maybe leave some wiggle room for a certain amount of actual physical and genetic differences, but I genuinely believe this is a fundamental truth and that various cultures have distorted for so long resulting in all kinds of abuse and mistreatment.As I read it, this is just another example of the rich and powerful not being bound by the rules the rest of society demands, and being able to get away with behavior that would get the rest of us lynched. I think the factors for ages of consent being pushed up are far more rooted in the psychology of power (controlling who gets to sleep with whom) and vote-winning (which is a route to power) in response to hysteria (e.g.I think this is a serious topic for discussion, and I'd love to have this debate/discussion with someone.Considering the situation of the people on this board who have to pretend every day that they're not interested in girls this age, and have to constantly say things like "It's just a fantasy, I would never hurt a child/never do it in real life.", I wonder about situations like this.

They've known each other since she was 8, and when she turned 12 he publicly professed his love for her, and stated that they plan to marry at 16.

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They apparently don't have sex or even kiss, at least not publicly, but they go on dates, send each other love notes, hang out together, go to the movies, dinners, etc, and post pics about all of this online, and have been for YEARS.

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That's great, so she only has to wait until the ripe old age of 16 to marry and have sex. That is unless they only have to wait until later this year, when she turns 14, which is the age of consent in China.It even seems that China and its media supports this, because they are pop stars and record love duets and music videos together, and have followers and fans.