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All that was surely more a function of her relentlessly polite demeanor, her supremely phlegmatic affect on court and off. Boys wanted—well, many of them probably wanted what boys often want.While other champions of her generation (especially men like John Mc Enroe, Jimmy Connors, and Ilie Nastase) were snarling, cursing, making obscene gestures, and saying unprintable things, and while even her greatest rival, Martina Navratilova, was playing with obvious hunger and sometimes even what looked like rage, the "Ice Maiden" (or "Little Miss Sunshine," or "Ice Princess," depending on who was writing the story or calling the match) would merely narrow her eyes to signal displeasure, or perhaps mutter something that everyone imagined sounded like "Aw, shoot! And that adorable two-fisted backhand (she first used it as a five-year-old, to compensate for her lack of power; now it's a common sight and is used by both sexes, including Rafael Nadal). She wasn't just Chris Evert, the polite baseliner with the perfect form—she was Chrissie. What no one knew was what she was keeping in, what she wasn't saying, what was missing.But I suppressed things off the court" as well, she says. Her steadiness was too impressive, her precision too riveting.When she was 15, she beat the number one player in the world, Margaret Court, and over the course of a 17-year career, she won the Australian Open twice, Wimbledon three times, the U. Open six, and the French Open seven times—a modern record. Her winning percentage of 90 percent (1,309-146) has never been matched by any tennis player, male or female.In 1980, when Andrea Yaeger was barely 15 years old, she became the youngest player ever seeded at Wimbledon; within three years, she was out of tennis and later claimed that she had thrown major matches because she couldn't stand the spotlight. The real answer was that I let her win the match because I was horrible, I was really bad out there." Even on the court, being good wasn't quite good enough. They would say, `Chrissie, just play your matches, we'll take care of you.' I didn't have the tools to lead a normal life. Entitled is not a very pretty word, but that was me. There are people who have it a lot worse than I do"—but she also makes clear, intentionally or not, that what was forged by her relentless training and incandescent fame, her determination to be not just a good girl but the best girl, was not simply an intense, and intensely pleasant, nearly error-free athlete who seldom if ever insulted an opponent, much less complained to a linesman.

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Norman's ex-wife has said that Evert pursued the golfer. They were married on Paradise Island, in the Bahamas, in June 2008. "I don't want this to be a slam on Greg, but our lifestyles were different. His priority was to build his business and travel." Since the split, Norman has remarried. Evert hasn't been on so much as a date during that year and a half. If the guy's in New York, I'll fly there, he'll fly here. That's when Christine Marie Evert realized that all the fame, money, success, and adulation in the world didn't make her happy. That's when Little Miss Perfect (she was the rare athletic superstar who inspired multiple nicknames—"Remorseless" among them) figured out that holding things in, always pushing forward, ignoring difficulty, and focusing solely on the moment—the emotional building blocks of her professional greatness, essentially—had also brought her close to personal ruination.

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