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He based his new position on a new appreciation for the reign of Christ on David's throne.The Christadelphian community in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland effectively dates from Thomas's first lecturing tour (May 1848 – October 1850).Those who insist on applying a simplistic prophetic interpretation do it a great disservice, and in fact often miss the whole point of the book.Any claims that an ancient book was written "for us" in the 21st century simply so that we could be bamboozled by some clever fortune-telling tricks, should be met with extreme skepticism.Theme and Night Series - "Promise of the life that now is" Speakers and Subjects Bro Steven Wolstencroft - The prophet Elisha Bro Roger Long - What does the LORD require?Studies in the prophecy of Micah Bro Nathan Luke - Characters and Situations in the life of our Lord.John Thomas believed that scripture, as God's word, did not support a multiplicity of differing beliefs, and challenged the leaders to continue with the process of restoring 1st-century Christian beliefs and correct interpretation through a process of debate.The history of this process appears in the book Dr.

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Rather it was to encourage contemporary readers in the 2nd century to remain faithful in the fight against Antiochus IV Epiphanes, who was clearly the central focus of the latter chapters of the book.Congregations are traditionally referred to as 'ecclesias' and would not use the word 'church' due to its association with mainstream Christianity, and its focus on the building as apposed to the congregation.Initially he sought to avoid the kind of sectarianism he had seen in England.However, this liberality eventually led to dissent as John Thomas developed his personal beliefs and began to question mainstream orthodox Christian beliefs.

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While the Restoration Movement accepted Thomas's right to have his own beliefs, when he started preaching that they were essential to salvation, it led to a fierce series of debates with a notable leader of the movement, Alexander Campbell.

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