Christian boys dating mormon girls

28-Apr-2020 02:42

There's a heroism in this—one that appeals to the male mind more than the female, I think.

But today we shy away from metaphors of warfare and struggle.

Trying to find a pastoral position as a single who's recently graduated from seminary is just about impossible.But I think there was an important appreciation that men are harder to bring into a social network.Get the men to commit, and the women will come too.Everything gets reduced to various bland truisms of pop psychology.

These observations hardly exhaust the causes and solutions to the current situation, but they at least reflect my own thinking—and the reasons why I have a strong urge to find some community other than the Protestant evangelical world in which I was raised.On the "spiritual warfare" front, since the Reformation we've essentially developed a form of Christianity with almost no appreciation for ascetic practice, and I think that loses us men as well.