Christian youth skits dating

21-Jun-2020 19:32

Prayer takes on a whole new look as they interpret scripture in the skits "Ask, Peek, and Rock" and "Go to Your Room!" Even the Trinity can be explained in a unique and comical way when the teens decide God needs some glue ... 48 pages By Doris Kirkendall These ten skits are lots of fun for older actors.This collection is funny, entertaining and thought-provoking for all ages and groups. 0 pages These nine award-winning skits are perfect for children and teens.

Each of the 20 devotionals consists of "The Script," which is the scripture basis for the devotional "Center Stage" which is the devotional itself, and "Curtain Call" and "Encore" for further reflection.

These ten skits hold a mirror up to the audience that allows them to laugh at their own shortcomings.