College dating violence

11-Sep-2019 20:58

Police described the murder as a "domestic incident." The two cases are not the only abusive relationships to end in the death of a college student in recent months.In October, Cecilia Lam, a San Francisco State University student and advocate for the prevention of domestic violence, was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend.

It often begins with what is excused as trivial contacts, which escalate into more frequent and serious attacks.Relationship violence impacts people of all ethnicities, races, classes, abilities and nationalities.Although there are some general patterns in domestic or dating violence, there is no typical abusive behavior.College-aged women experience a higher rate of partner violence than any other age group.

Thirteen percent of college women say they have been stalked, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

It might come across as 'cute' that your partner cares so much for you that he/she just wants to know everything you're doing.