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12-Jan-2020 22:58

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This allows actions to maintain compatibility with instances that haven't been upgraded to collaborative editing.You should ensure that future calls are made to Personal drafts will still be accessible from users' drafts list.While this is the case, Confluence will continue storing a snapshot of the most recent state of the document being edited at regular intervals.This content is stored as the body content in the shared draft but shouldn't be referenced as the most up-to-date content, as changes stored in Synchrony may not have been saved to the draft yet.Shared drafts, like personal drafts, aren't indexed in Confluence.

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When using collaborative editing, a page editor will see the avatar(s) of others editing the page, and the changes they make will appear in the editor in real time.I've tried it this way, it should work, but it does not show comments - I've no idea why?=20 Use this page to troubleshoot any problems you may have with the Share Point Connector for Confluence.I am trying to use a macro in a versioned space, and it's not working properly. In versioned spaces, every edited versioned page is an actual Confluence page.

This is how Scroll Versions allows multiple different versions of the same page.Of course, Confluence 'sees' those versioned pages as normal separate pages – and this often causes certain third-party apps and macros to render the content in unexpected ways.