Cons about online dating

10-Jul-2020 22:47

Over time I soon noticed that many on this site who claimed to be Christian were not necessarily so, and that there was a real need to test the spirits (1 John 4:1). After all, God says there are weeds mixed in with the wheat in the Church (Matt. But it took me time to realize, and after I did, I had a lot of online correspondence with people on the site trying to warn them to be careful and not trust every site or person who claimed to be “Christian.” During my first paid term on the site I met a dear sister in the Lord.

After a while of encouraging one another by writing on the site we began encouraging one another with email exchanges using our personal email addresses (all the while still cautiously using our aliases, rather than giving our real names at this point).

Through this cyberspace navigating I came across various ads for “Christian” dating websites.

I paid my fee and began to browse many profiles with a particular Christian service.

I’ve yet to see a computer algorithm match people the right way (maybe because it hasn’t worked for me) so I’ve been stubborn about trying to pursue many matches whenever I get alerts.

I use a mobile app and it’s limited because well since the screen is so small so you have to really hit the best points to get someone’s attention.

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