Conscious dating workshops

18-Sep-2019 09:41

With the Deeper Dating Show, you will learn a new path to finding lasting and meaningful relationships, based on the true skills of intimacy; not games, gimmicks, or manipulative techniques of seduction.

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it’s those things that create ‘sparks’, that leave us wanting to get to know someone more.”Attending an organised conscious dating event makes the concept easy – at Kaila’s mixers, singles shake off the jitters with a group activity like wine tasting or life drawing, and when it’s time for one-on-one convos, standard topics such as ‘what do you do for work? “We are all about skipping the small talk, and people love that,” Kaila notes. There are a few guidelines to follow and while they sound simple, they may take some effort.

Conscious dating is about practising something psychologists call ‘unconditional positive regard’ – or in regular speak, being a nice human.